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iTech media solution

Visiting Cards

  • Maximize your business card’s impact with full-color printing and eye-catching imagery.
  • Add valuable real estate for maps or tear offs with a fold-over business card
  • Use high-quality paper to add elegance and make your business cards stand out from the competition.

Letter Heads

  • Create a simple black-and-white letterhead for faxes, while reserving more colorful ones for sales letters and business correspondence.
  • Smoother, high-quality paper stock creates a strong and professional impression.
  • Letterhead isn’t just for business. Consider creating a personalized letterhead for your correspondence to family and friends.
iTech media solution
iTech media solution

Bill Books

  • Name and contact details of the buyer
  • Date that the goods or service was sent or delivered
  • Purchase order number
  • Description of the product(s)
  • Total amount charged (optionally with breakdown of taxes, if relevant)
  • Payment terms


  • Labels aren’t just for products. Consider labels for return addresses, warnings, or a quick way to tag specials and sales!
  • Need to move or easily remove your label? Print on a white or clear static cling!
  • Need durability without breaking the budget? Consider glossy paper or vinyl to provide extra life to your labels.
iTech media solution
iTech media solution


  • Use big color posters as art reproductions, movie posters, photo posters, music posters, and promotional collectibles.
  • Sometimes less is more. Make a striking display using simple posters in a creative way.
  • Extend your poster’s lifespan by adding a durable aqueous coating.


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